Proofpoint Essentials e-mail filter

Use our new security improvement product: Proofpoint Essentials filter for e-mail. Inbound and optionally Outbound e-mail to and from your practice's domain name will be thoroughly scrubbed for threats and spam. Severe risk items are safely deleted and suspicious content is quaratined in a digest that allows staff to quickly and safely delete, deliver, or whitelist those items.

Here is a shortened list of features, actual mail server results are shown below!
99.999% Service Availability
99% Spam Effectiveness
100% Protection from known viruses
< 1 minute email delivery

Signature-based Anti Virus
Spam Filtering
Content Filtering
Outbound Filtering
Zero Hour Threat Detection
URL Defense
Attachment Defense
Data Loss Prevention
Emergency Inbox
E-mail Spooling
Instant Replay
Multi-level logins
Domain Management
E-mail Logs

Real results of filtered e-mail threats

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