Drs® Enterprise, EHR and Document Management

A Different Kind of EHR

Drs Enterprise is a revolutionary new concept in electronic health records. Because current electronic health record systems are built around the progress note, the traditional EHR is often rigid, non-customizable, and forces users to adapt to its workflow. Drs Enterprise is different. Built around the patient chart, Drs is flexible and highly configurable, and allows you to keep your current workflow intact or migrate to a new more efficient, electronic workflow. Our designers and programmers have worked hard to create a program that is truly usable by everyone. With ease of use, speed, flexibility, security, and a range of functions designed for efficiency, Drs is truly the only EHR that adapts to you, instead of you to it.

Paperless Office Features

  • Ability to scan and categorize without typing
  • User definable chart categories, sub-folders, icons, preferences, etc.
  • Multiple file cabinets for different office needs
  • State-of-the-art drag and drop technology for speed and ease of use
  • Ability to store many different types of data including Microsoft Word documents, photographs, pdf files and rich text files.
  • Robust interfaces to Practice Management Systems
  • HIPAA compliant with high security and audit trails
  • Automatic workflow features (AutoFlow) that can create and deliver tasks to various users, and can generate actions to be accomplished
  • Powerful remote capabilities allow satellite offices to seamlessly integrate with main office
  • Highly efficient user experience using state of the art ribbons, tabs and custom user options
  • Highly scalable and robust for use in both small and large offices

Truly Easy to Use

Let's face it, every software product on the market claims that it is easy to use. What makes us different? For a program to be easy to use, it has to have a consistent user interface. To do that, Drs uses the well known Microsoft style "ribbon" toolbar so you don't have to go searching through menus to find what you are looking for. Our software uses familiar usability paradigms such as drag-and-drop, which make it easy to move documents from folder to folder, inbox to folder,or even patient to patient. Drs allows doctors and staff to open multiple patient charts and documents concurrently, so it's easy to work with Drs in the busiest and most complex office situations. Drs also supports touch screens, voice recognition and handwriting recognition so even doctors not well-versed in computers will find it easy and fast to use.

Drs® Enterprise has full support for Meaningful Use and is a certified EHR. Some of the Meaningful Use features include:

  • ePrescribing with formularies and drug to drug, drug to allergy interaction alerts
  • Meaningful Use dashboard calculates meaningful use compliance by physician and indicates which patient accounts are outside of compliance
  • Patient fields that make it easy to record demographic information
  • Problem and visit lists with automatically linking documents
  • Current medication and allergy lists
  • SNOMED CT support
  • Clinical decision support rules based on specialty
  • Ability to provide ambulatory clinical quality measures to CMS
  • Ability to export electronic health records
  • Capability to exchange key clinical information with other doctors
  • Ability to import lab test results
  • Custom report generator
  • Patient reminders
  • Ability to upload medical information to a portal
  • Patient education
  • Ability to submit immunization and other records to a database


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