Cancelling Patient Appointments

Last Minute Secure Electronic Notifications From Anywhere You Have Internet Access


Sending out Immediate Notifications to cancel Patient appointments when your office

closes last minute is easy with PCG and available to PCG clients using Appointment Reminders!


You will need to get logged into the PCG Administrative dashboard to send a notification.

You should already have your username and password. If you need help with getting logged

in then please call our office for support and we can get you set up.


Once you are logged in PCG Admin Console just do the following:

1. Click on Appointments menu

2. Click on View Appointments

3. Click on Send Immediate Notice

4. In the Send Notice To section make sure to set WHO's patients should be notified

    (Most people choose All Appointments for Provider & then set to All Providers)

5. *MOST IMPORTANT SECTION - Make sure to set which appointments are to be

     notified: Today's Appointments? Tomorrow Appointments? Or period to specify date.

6. Check the Use Text to Speech (that opens up where you will type your message)

7. Delivery List - you must choose delivery method. Home Phone is most popular for this

8. Type your brief message that patients will hear in this field. Example "Our office is closed tomorrow, January 20th, due to weather, someone will call you soon to reschedule" or "Our office is closed in the morning, January 20th until 11:00am due to snow, but may open in the afternoon, please call ahead to confirm that we are open". The message can be whatever you want. We highly recommend including the CALENDAR DATE which the closing is effective for (like January 20th)  and reason (SNOW FORCAST) so that if you inadvertantly set the wrong appointment date, the patients will question the validity of the message.

9. Clicking send will immediately prepare the messages for sending. The calls will be made immediately upon our service processing the request without regard to time of day. *Clicking Close without clicking on Send will cancel the process




*Remember, if you Click on CLOSE in step 9 instead of SEND then no notifications will occur.




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