July 29th, 2015


Find out what ICD-10 brings!

In our EDI Claim Manager, there is a new graphical report that shows the ICD-10 codes that would be used based on your uploaded data. To run the report:

  1. Select the "Search Tools" button on the main screen
  2. Select the "Report Manager" Button
  3. Select the ICD-10 Code Analysis report (Class = Claim, Type = Web Browser)
  4. Run the report for a desired date range, ordered by claim volume or ratio

This report can be helpful in determining your ICD-10 transition strategy.The one-to-many matches may seem daunting: the highest count that we have seen yet is a single ICD-9 code mapping to 7,745 ICD-10 codes - GAH!

(for the curious, that ICD-9 code is V58.89 - ENCOUNTER FOR AFTERCARE OTHER SPECIFIED)

In spite of this insane appearance, stay calm; you will make it through the transition. The new CMS adjustment provides partial relief from strict adherance for one year. We can help with planning and the actual mapping process with a new service.


Posted by Jim Sherrill | Topic: Tips  | Category: News
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