Patient payments

September 21st, 2019

Get paid!

Another value-added reseller recently advised us that some practices are using Papaya for patients to pay them quickly. 

This service lets patients install an application on their phone, scan their printed statement, then pay immediately via the application. Now that is not perfect, because it implies that you have generated & sent a statement, i.e. spent time and money, but it is an attractive alternative. Have a online statement process for patients? No problem, the patient can import that statement image into the application. Papaya is an EASY way for patients to pay you. 

This is a nice use of technology: Papaya recognizes the scanned statement elements, processes the payment, and sends the money to you. Your mileage may vary, we have not used this process and dragons may dwell nearby, so caveat emptor as always! Best wishes for speedy payments.

Posted by Jim Sherrill | Topic: Tips  | Category: News
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